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Jatu Ratri

Saturday, 13 December 2008

jatu ratri

Jatu Ratri.

Jam Satu Malam.
Yes, Jatu stands for Jam Satu, and Ratri means Malam in Javanese languange.
She’s a best friend of mine since 6 years ago when everything seemed so easy to bear in our lacurs life.
I just felt “She’s going to be my best friend” when she was going to her house with angkot in the middle of the night, after our tugas kelompok in Plaza Senayan, while her house is next to Serpong.
Typical of independent girl yet brave, but only if she wanted to.
If you look at this girl, you could feel the colorful life of her, just like a rainbow after the rainy afternoon.

This girl is always spoiled when it connects with her relationship with his 6 years-aduh-udah-mati-rasa-pengen cepet kawin-boyfriend.
But if it does involve family and friends, you could always count on her.
From accompanying her mom searching bahan in pasar, till listening my derai-derai-tangis-karena-diputusin-pacar (Wow, it’s rhyme!)
Hey, it’s already midnite, December 13.
So, I smile and push 3, the speed dial of her on my cell phone.
Just to say congratulation.
For only she who reflects rainbow in my life is celebrating the day she was born.
With all my heart, happy birthday rainbow girl.
Wish you nothing but the best.

“Tapi, selebar apapun kita tertawa bersama, pun kita juga bisa meraung keras,,
apapun, mau diasosiasikan sebagai OS, warna, bau (tapi ti, ku bilang kamu tuh kadang bau obat deh,,hehe). Seorang sahabat setia, ini arti titiw buat saya,, lopiu, sist,, ^_^”

(Posted by: ratri namaku | March 23, 2007 08:18 PM)

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9 thoughts on “Jatu Ratri

  1. ratie says:

    Happy bday dan salam kenal juga sobatnya titiw!!! ^o^

  2. titiw says:

    Thank you darl, i’ll pass your words to her.. :)

  3. nie says:

    hehehe. met ultah juga deh meskipun telat (abis baru baca sih) :p

  4. titiw says:

    Thanks banget ya.. ntar aku sampein ke jatu..

  5. seno says:

    sweet friendship..tapi gambarnya ilang yang..

  6. egi says:

    aku iseng banget nih jalan2 ke blognya titiw, karna aku follow twitter lo dan suka tulisan lo hihi. ternyata sahabatnya ratri ya? ratri temen SD aku, ratri yg berdomisili di bukit indah ciputat kan? kenapa aku yakin kalo ratri yg kamu maksud adalah temen SD ku, karna orang yg namanya ratri di dunia ini pake “jatu” di nama depannya cuman dia seorang haha. salam kenal ya titiw :)

    1. titiw says:

      Olaa.. Iya Ratri yang ituu.. Hihihi.. Salam kenal juga Egi.. :)

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