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My Green Act: Used Poster for Gift Wrapping

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Well well, here we go again with my second DIY green act. After my previous post about using the handkerchief instead of tissue, now it’s time fooor.. *drum roll* Jeng jeng jeng jeng!: “Use your used poster for gift wrapping!” Why poster? Because it’s big. Why poster? Because it’s thick. So, you can wrap your gift all at once into one poster, and not worrying either it’s gonna rip or all. The best thing from this act is: You don’t have to spend any pence for it!

Used Poster can be very useful :)

What I mean by a poster here is the one with a date on it. Not posters of your favorite movie, band or actor (You want to use my Hanson posters? Over my dead body, missus!). For example: “Fun Bike RW 10 tahun ’96” dusty poster. What’s the use of it? Unless you consider it as a memorabilia of your childhood. So, go explore your room to find all used poster and surprise your loved ones, like I’ve done to these awesome girls. So, what’s your green act of the day? :)

8 thoughts on “My Green Act: Used Poster for Gift Wrapping

  1. perez says:

    owh bingkisan buat dian pake poster toh bungkusnya! hihihi kreatip kamu maaak!

    1. titiw says:

      @perez: Iya dong ciin.. Poster Save The Tigernya WWF lho.. Ihiy! ;)

  2. pantesan pas diliat di balik bungkusannya ada gambar harimaunya, hehehe…
    boleh juga idenya tiw, aku punya banyak posternya mas keanu, tapi sayang kan kalau mukanya dilipet2.. ga rela! :P

    1. titiw says:

      @dian: Hoho.. yoih.. Ih ya ampun kamu pencinta mas keanu!! Pasti dulu ngences kalo nonton speed. Haha.. :D

  3. tya says:

    masa posternya jerry yan si pentolan F tse akuh jadiin bungkus kado buat keponakan yang ulang taun cyiiinn, setengah gak rela setengah maluw neh

    1. titiw says:

      @tya: Oh.. F4.. Oh gitu.. Cukup tahu sih.. *mendelik merendahkan*

  4. seno says:

    cara pikir yang positif, anak muda. gbr

    1. titiw says:

      Thanks anak tua. Gambar klaar.

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