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Thursday, 1 March 2012

brain blogger

Found this “Beginner Blogger Brain” infographic on my Pinterest. I should probably share it, since I am a blogger and it’s oh-so-true. Hope you can draw conclusions out of this picture and create a super blog of yours. Mong!

4 thoughts on “Beginner Blogger Brain

  1. seno says:

    Mong! X)) kok gak dishare di twitter post yang ini?

    1. titiw says:

      Yodah deh kalo banyak yang minta.. Terpaksa aku share.. *sibak poni*

  2. warm says:

    yaampun puanjang ! :|

    1. titiw says:

      Tapi kan lucu kak.. boleh loh diluangkan waktunya sebentar.. :)

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