How Daniel Wellington Became Viral and Well Known

Friday, 28 October 2016

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington. Before the era of Instagram, I’ve never heard this name. Let alone to know that this is not someone’s name. Until I actively post picture and made engagement with several Instagram celebrities, there were plenty photos of this elegant and classy wrist watch in my feed. They’re crossing my timeline and popping over and over again with hashtag #DanielWellington. Aha moment: Daniel Wellington (DW) is a wrist watch brand!

No, I’m not gonna write an article about DW’s feature in detail. Instead, I’m more interested to know the story behind this brand. And how on earth DW becoming a viral?

Well before I start, DW is an original Swedish watch company founded by Filip Tysander. Once upon a time, he happened to meet a classy Englishman in Australia (no, not in New York) who was wearing an elegant watch with the classic NATO watch band. Impressed by that encounter, Filip thought about an idea to create a watch company in 2011. That company name? Daniel Wellington.

Filip made the initial designs himself and sent them to a factory in China. Although the watch is made in China, the quartz movement is made by Miyota, a Japanese company. And boom. It’s trending. Aside from its stylish design and all, DW became a viral sensation in marketing world using a very powerful ad: Social Media.

He didn’t spent so much dough in mainstream media. Alternatively, the marketing team approached influencers and buzzers on the Blog, especially on Instagram. Nowadays, visual is everything.

Daniel Wellington InstagramLook at Daniel Wellington Instagram followers. It has more than 2,5 million followers and most of the pictures feed come from its followers. Reputedly, DW made  a profit of about $66 million last year. Sweet.

How about the watch itself? It’s pretty clear that Daniel Wellington send a free one for me. But, I have an opt to accept or refuse the offer, rite? After browse the #danielwellington hashtags on Instagram, I’m in awe with that simple yet timeless design. Challenge accepted and honestly..

I love it. The original one has this NATO straps, but they come with leather straps as well. I like the leather better because it goes well with most of my outfit and my brand new bag from husband. Furthermore, it has good quality relative to price. So I have no doubt to refer this watch to a friend or family.

Daniel Wellington Indonesia

Simple tips for you who want to purchase DW watches:

  • Open it’s gonna redirect you to the Indonesia website if you live in Indonesia:
  • Select which type you prefer
  • Check the cart, you can also add the extra band
  • Fill your personal information
  • Put a code “dwtitiw” for 15% discount (who doesn’t love discount?! The discount code valid until December 15, 2016.)

And another good news is: Daniel Wellington give you free delivery cost for all items. Yayness! As for me, the watch came within a week from Hongkong by UPS service. So.. Do you have/like/want this watch? What kind of feature do you want the most in a wrist watch? Tell me on comment section!

21 thoughts on “How Daniel Wellington Became Viral and Well Known

  1. Suka liat jamnya. Simple tapi berkelas.

  2. Rahne says:

    Cakeeeppppppp… aku jadi pengen beliii

    1. titiw says:

      Buruan pake kode aku yaaaa ;D

  3. Aku pengen punya jam tapi entah kenapa selalu susah buat rutin make nya.. yang ketinggalan lah, yang hilang lah, yang alergi lah…

    Tapiiii…. jam ini kece banget kak… *jadi mupeng*

    1. titiw says:

      kamu alergi besinya apa kulitnya kak? Kalo Daniel Wellington ini selain strap kulit ada juga yang tali nato itu. Siapa tau gak alergi. :D

  4. Bieb says:

    Oalaaahh….pantes liat di Ig koq banyak banget yg pke DW ini ya. Ternyata emang lagi nge-hits.
    Mupeng juga sih buat beliin suami. Tapi..tapi..tapi.. (kekep dompet) :))

    1. titiw says:

      untuk kualitas yang lumayan.. segitu worth sih kak bieeeb.. Sekali seumur2 beliin kado paksuami. hahahaha.. :D

  5. Raseham says:

    Kepikiran pengen ganti jam tangan setelah berapa tahun ini berkutat dengan jam stainless steel. Keren juga sih kalo diliat2 jam dengan sabuk kulit kek DW gitu.

    1. titiw says:

      Yaaay finally belii! :D

  6. Lucita says:

    Hai ka, mau tanya kalo untuk tahap pembayaran nanti ada konfirmasi lagi atau gimana yah kalo sudah trf? Payment nya melalui doku wallet kan ya? Terimakasih sebelum nya .

    1. titiw says:

      pembayarannya bisa pake kartu kredit kak. Iya nanti ada konfirmasinya lagi kok via email. Ada juga konfirmasi kalo barangnya sudah sampe mana. :)

  7. ahmad says:

    kamu kok bisa dapet free jam DWnya? aku juga pengen dpet free juga

  8. amel says:

    mbak jam DW nya beli di website kan? pake debit bisa ngga ya?
    hitungan pajak cukainya berapa ya mbak?

    1. titiw says:

      Iya mbak. Waktu itu sih pake credit card. Cukainya sudah termasuk di harga. Jadi nanti harga total keliatannya kayak lebih murah dari seharusnya, tapi nanti di CC kita dicharge nominal yang mana kalau ditotal ya harga yang seharusnya kita bayar. :)

  9. Dinda says:

    mbak pajaknya sekitar berapa?

  10. Dinda says:

    Berarti kalo misal harganya 2,250rb kan nanti jadi 1,800rb kalo jd harga total. Trus kalo sama pajak kita bayarnya tetap 2,250rb gt mbak?

  11. Andi eka says:

    Mba mau tanya klo beli di websitenya kira2 sampennya berapa lama? Makasih

    1. titiw says:

      Waktu itu sih aku sekitar 2 minggu mbak. :)

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