Sleeping To Dream

It’s a place.. A place I’ve never been into.
Tap.. Tap.. Tap.. I look around breathlessly..
No.. Please say no..
I didn’t actually promise anything, did I?
I try to smile, but inside I feel a bit sick.

My smile freezes on my face.
I feel like for the last few months I’ve been trying to force my foot into a wrong-size shoe.
I’ve been ramming, chafing the skin..
And at last I’m admitting it doesn’t fit.

I couldn’t catch up what he’s saying.
I just nod and say “thanks”, not quite sure what else to say.
Sleeping to Dream from Jason Mraz is playing and floating on my mind.
Then I turn around and walk into the stary-stary night, bring along my empty-empty heart..


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8 thoughts on “Sleeping To Dream

  1. titiw says:

    Heh? kalo ada situ kenapa Om? Mau jajanin aku mobil supaya aku gak sedih? heee.. Apanya yg berak-hir rat? Perasaan dek ratie aja tuh.. Thx anyway pal.. :)

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