Andre Harihandoyo and The Sonic People

Andre Harihandoyo and The Sonic People

Kata orang band yang bisa bertahan di tengah derasnya teknologi adalah band yang berbagi. Andre Harihandoyo and The Sonic People memang baru, tapi sudah membagikan lagunya secara gratis dengan kualitas yang tinggi. Tanpa basa-basi lagi inilah Andre Harihandoyo and The Sonic People.

The Breakup

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Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People formed in Jakarta, Indonesia, in mid 2006, when vocalist / guitarist Andre Harihandoyo decided to put some songs he had written all his life, whenever the songwriter side emerge. Instead of just recording it only himself with a guitar, he decided to bring in some other instruments on a few songs to help give his musical ideas more depth.

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Andre found assistance in bass player Brian Jonathan and multi instrumentalist Andreas Arianto, who were both accomplished musicians in the local music scene. An Album titled AERODYNE was launched immediately on 2006, with drummer Adit Nugroho on board for a few months, before finally took off and replaced by Tobias Ringga a.k.a ‘ndut’.

Aerodyne was a slow burner compared to the second EP – ROOM SESSION, released on 2007, soon became popular with the new single ‘the breakup’, and the second one ‘scream’. Room Session was considered rather Bluesy, considering the band’s root came from folk acoustic music.

The Blues breathes out from Andre’s personal taste, who listens a lot to blues music as well. Combined with Brian and Toby’s groove, plus Ndreaz ‘out of the box’ ideas, giving the music a new taste and feel.

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  1. apy says:

    emang harusnya zaman sekarang band bagi2 lagu gratis hehehe. soalnya ga punya uang buat beli CD asli hehehe. Tapi mangstab nih band. Dermawan, hehehe. Mudah2an banyak konser dan orderan yak :D

    • apy says:

      salam kenal juga, kapan-kapan kalo ada gigs kasih tau ya biar bisa diumumin disini juga. apalagi kalo nonton gratis hehehe.

  2. zee says:

    Ini bagi-2 lagu gratis ya? Aduh tiw, download itu prohibited di kantor gw.. :D

    –> unduh di rumah dong mbak.. ayo2 ini karya temen saya loh.. jadi tidak melanggar hak cipta.. Hehe..

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