Basa Basi Bulan Ini

Cloudy day makes me wondering.. Thunder and lightning wont change what I’m feeling. You know.. Your name is written in the storm. I don’t give a damn with it, but still.. I’m staring those blinking things instead. Oh yeah, give me your lips for a moment young man, to help me forget all kisses from him. Well.. Okay, that’s enuff.

Since I’ve got a crush on you, in round midnight I always hunting for passion from here and there. Though you’re not gonna come in midnight. You said “Midnight”? Thanks, but no thanks dear. I have my own movies to watch. But not round midnight. That’s why you decided to sleepover at her house not mine.  Gosh! You’re so adorable i want to chomp your ears. May I? Thanks. Ups.. It’s melting!! Your ears are melting over me! D’oh! Easter bunny.. I think I’ve just eaten half of your ear, not his. Sorry.. But happy Easter Ramadan anyway! :)

(c) Choc0late bunny

4 thoughts on “Basa Basi Bulan Ini

  1. perez says:

    ya ampyun….kirain apaan, dah parno aja aq takut klo makin baca makin rusak pahala puasaQ!!! tnyata eh tnyata…
    bdw chocolate bunny opo toh? gak ngeh aq…

    • titiw says:

      Ahahaha.. dasar pikiran desye udah lebay surlebay.. chocolate bunny kan yg bisa dianuhin waktu lagi paskah.. (dianuhi apa coba? dan kayak gw ngerayain paskah aja.. he.. )

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