Signature Portrait By Nik.e


Dear Nike, our talented artist and Sting lover. ;)

I’m so happy and thrilled when you said that you have finished a portrait of me. I requested it months ago and almost forgot ’bout it, when suddenly you tagged this signature portrait of mine on my FB. Well, I don’t know whether I should call it “Signature portrait” or what.

But clearly, this one of a kind drawing is a symbol of my nick name. “T” for the curve on the face.. “I” for the nose, and “W” for the end of the hair. Argh.. love it so much! And it took me by surprise when you said “I drew the heart for your mouth, because you love to making words”. Owh Niks.. I’m so flattered (or is that just a “soft words” to say that I’m such a tweet?!) :D

People, are you ready for the signature portrait I’m talking about? Here you go!


Thanks a zillion, Nike darling!! *smooch*

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