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He’s Just Not That Into You: A Must Read Book!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dia hanya tidak segitunya sama kamu

Dia hanya tidak segitunya sama kamu

In a hot and humid afternoon, when these bossanova songs were floating in my room, I read this book from my lovely PC. You know what, GALS? All of you, if I may repeat, ALL OF YOU should read this awesome book!! I felt like I’m having a slap on my back, my mind, and my heart for sure. Lot of things running on my mind.. like: “It’s been ages and it turned out that he’s just not that into me??!” “God, I was a tear jerker back then when he’s breaking up with me, and I don’t have a single mind that he’s just not that into me..?” Shoot!

Couple years ago, I happened to watch OPRAH, the episode “He’s just not that into you”. Oprah reviewed the book and the authors came to the show. At that time, I thought “Hem.. good book, I have to read it ASAP.” But an evil which called “ups I forgot” thingy was rushing through my head. And couple of years after, there were news that soon this book will be a major picture. And suddenly I remember. I haven’t read a single page of this book! So I ended up downloading it (hyehe..) and fill my e-book collection. After I finished the book.. I think.. Gosh, the authors are just plain genius. They knew exactly what our -the girls- problems are.

This book’s divided into 16 chapters. Each chapter has Q&A session, from girls who have a bunch of questions ’bout guy things. And Greg (as one of the author) answer them hilariously with punch lines here and there. And in the end of each chapter, there’s this workbook exercise where you can find a list like “Five reasons why you think you have every right or good reason to call him“. What d’ya think? Just grab your pen and fill the list. The secrets revealed, and I thanked them for it. Maybe you just feel that I’m too overrated. But as soon as you read this book, you’ll have a feeling like I’m feeling, girl friend.

Since I’m a good girl, don’t hesitate to download the e-book below, darl!

Caution: GIRLS ONLY! Happy reading!


14 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You: A Must Read Book!

  1. gilang says:

    Ini buku yang jadi film itu ya?

    1. titiw says:

      Yoi ghie.. yang di filmnya itu bertabur bintang2 macem jennifer aniston, drew barrymore and many more.. :D

  2. atika says:

    hai tiw..
    salam kenal… *baru kenal udh ngedownload e-booknya* hoho jd ga enak niy.. gw dah ntn filmnya.. skrg mo baca bukunya ah..
    thanx a lot ya tiw.. btw blognya lucuuwww…

    1. titiw says:

      Hohoho.. ah dasar kamuh.. :D sok atuh didonlot buku ini. Makasih udah bilang saya lucu.. Eh blog saya ya..? ya udah dua2nya lucu kok.. :D

  3. mata says:

    saya mau lihat filmnya saja. kalau baca bukunya ntar deh… suka kebawa maless..

    apa kabar jeung ??? baik kan ?

    1. titiw says:

      Ih dasar kamu.. males baca.. males update blog, mau jadi apaaa??!?! HAAHH??!! kabar baik.. agak memble aje, yang penting kece..

  4. nik.e says:

    iya..pertamakali baca bukunya sama temen2 cewek. seruuuu banget! hihihihi
    filmnya juga lumayannn..well, cowo-nya lucu sih (halah)

    1. titiw says:

      Dilmnya aku baru nonton tadi malam!! hahaha.. nontonnya sama pembantuku.. hihihi..

  5. iqs says:

    Buku nya lumayan bagus, tapi filmnya just not that into me.. aku nonton karena ada Scarlett Johansson-nyah! *slurp!*

    1. titiw says:

      Iya.. lama2 scarlet johansson kok tambah nganuh aja yah..? aku jadi demen.. Padahal mukanya mah kalah ama mbak2 ramayana..

  6. tya says:

    hueweeee!! nice inpoh sayang!! lagi butuh hiburan nihh… ada pelemnya juga lagi, btw pelemnya baru apa lama tiw?

    1. titiw says:

      Pelemnya kalo gak salah 2008 deh say.. silakan tonton.. lumayan menghibur kok.. :D

  7. seno says:

    beli buku yg judulnya ngehe itu ah..tapi apa ya judulnya? wanita cantil dan.cowok.jelek? apa ya?

    1. titiw says:

      Mengapa kebanyakan cowok jelek punya cewek cantik..?

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