Copenhagen, Lil Heaven for Bikers

As a bicycle rider, I’d love to live in Copenhagen, for this place is a truly heaven for bicycle riders.  I want to make a swoosh sound in the air wearing my chiffon gown, and I want to ride my bike with a bold statement using my leather boots.. God please please please make my dreams come true. I’m begging you with all my heart. At least if I can’t make a living there, can you consider a month for me to stay in this capital city of Denmark? No? Ok, a week. It’s a deal! Love you God. ;)

Lovely colors!
The dress.. the wind.. ah.. Dream out loud!

Ride Your BikeAll these fab pictures are taken from: HERE

16 thoughts on “Copenhagen, Lil Heaven for Bikers

  1. thalique says:

    aminnnn, sahaya membantu mengaminkan dulu yak..mungkin suatu saat kalau sahaya jadi presiden ntar kalau pas ada kunjungan ke sana, tak ajak dech wkwkwkwk

  2. tya says:

    iya iya ngerti ngerti, amiiiinn!! ;)

    tapi kan copenhagen dingin banget, klo di itung musim gugur sm musim dingin total 6 bulan ga bisa sepedaan pake gaun sifon doang loh ciiin, hihi :P

  3. titiw says:

    @tya: Hah? Gitu yak..? Gpp, musim dingin bisa pake jaket2 bulu binatang aseli ples pake syal2 gaya! *dilempar salju sama aktivis penyayang hewan*

  4. winD says:

    salam kenal..;)
    kebetulan tinggal dikopenhagen niih…
    you should go here…it’s amazing in summer…semua orang bersepeda..
    kalo mampir..bisa loh ditempatku :))
    hayu..hayu bersepeda…

  5. titiw says:

    @WinD: Aku maauu!! IRI!! Kamu kok bisa tinggal di sana..? Huhuhu.. bener ya kalo aku ke sana aku mampir di tempatmu.. Nyeheheh.. :D

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