Tour The Park: Jogging Park Kelapa Gading

Hey hey, fellas! Remember my previous blog about the green project I’m going to execute? Yup, Tour The Park project! Well actually, it’s not a serious or some paid project. It’s just my lala lili project as an earth trooper. Hoho.. So, I’m gonna start my review about the first park I just visited a week ago, Jogging Park Kelapa Gading.

Let's do some jog! ;)

Judging from its name and appearance, this park is definitely a real jogging park. You know, a park where people do some serious jog, whether they do it in solo mode or with someone. I barely saw people jog with more than 2 friends here.

Do you know an intersection right before Kelapa Gading Mall in North Jakarta? Just look to the left, and there you go, Jogging Park Kelapa Gading. It has 2 entrances, from the boulevard, and about 20 m after you make a left turn from the intersection.

Love the tracks!


  • It’s so huge with lovely jogging track and beautiful landscape.
  • There are signs everywhere, so you’re not gonna get lost.
  • They have toilets. I put an “s” there because they have TWO toilets. Clean enough, and they put a hand soap on the sink. Not bad at all.
  • You can learn some trees name as they put its name beneath the trees. I saw Cambodia, Tabebuia, and Trembesi!
  • How I love this park, they have biopori hole here and there.
  • I bet you want something nice for your poor feet, don’t you? Look, some reflexology tracks are ready to be stepped!Β  Hop Hop!
  • Oh my gawd. What did I see there? Rabbits? Lovely rabbits with falling ears? Owh.. Apparently they have cages filled with some rabbits & huge hamsters! Uber cute! xD
  • Trash cans are everywhere! Every single where, I tell ya!
  • No hawkers and beggars. Nice.
  • You have kids or toddler? Don’t worry, they have a playground to make your kids happy to the max.
  • You feel like you don’t want to jog anymore? Try the simple sport equipment here. How cool is that, eh?!
Aww.. Playground, pets.. Lovely!


  • Sorry bicycle riders, you’re not allowed here. Go find a bicycle park instead a jogging park, will you?
  • Be careful with mosquitos attack!
  • Since there’s no hawkers, you probably want to bring your own tumbler.

So.. If you feel like jogging all day long, it’s a perfect place for sure. FYI their operational time is 5.30 – 22.00. See you on the next tour the park! :)

17 thoughts on “Tour The Park: Jogging Park Kelapa Gading

  1. achie says:

    wuih seru juga tamannya yah, kapan2 kesana ah :p

    eh tapi kalo ga da tukang jajanan, klo mo nymeil lari kemana tante tiw?? :p

    • titiw says:

      Itulah nak.. kalo mau nyemil.. cuma bisa nyemil daun2 kering dan rumput yang bergojang.. *nangiskejer*

  2. kopisusu says:

    Wuih, telat tau. Dah keburu pindahan ke Yogyes. Padahal dari SD sampe lulus kuliah yang tinggalnya di Rawamangun, hanya berjarak sepeminum teh dari Kelapa Gading. Ntar ah kalo pas mudik ke Jakarta lagih :D

    • titiw says:

      haha.. taman ini memang baru ki sana.. Kalo nggak salah belum lebih dari setahun kok.. Kalo ke Jkt jangan lewatkan taman yg satu ini ya.. :)

    • titiw says:

      Widiih.. iya sih singapore banyak parknya. Tapi somehow kok berasa tempelan doang yak itu taman2 di sana..? tetep panas ciin.. Jangan2 pohonnya dari plastik.. Muahaha..

  3. Bieb says:

    Finally dirimu ke Taman Jogging Kelapa Gading juga mba’ :). Biasanya klo kesini aq jalan2 di lahan reflexiologinya. Bebas. Ga ada yg tiduran ky di monas :D
    Bukannya ada yg jual minum ya mba’?? sekitar 6 bulan lalu sih ada. Tapi cuma 1. Klo jual cemilan emang ga ada.

    • Bieb says:

      tambahan…mungkin maksudnya ga ada yg jual cemilan biar taman ini tetep bersih. Coz tau sendiri kan orang2 qt tangannya masih kurang disiplin. Masih suka buang sampah sembarangan walaupun udah banyak tempat sampah yg tersedia.

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