Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Remember a weekly photo challenge I wrote before? They’ve already announced this week’s theme, which is: WORN. This task made me think quite hard. Is there anything “worn” in my house? Because FYI, my mother always gave my old-yet-new stuffs to those in need. Mostly she gave my stuffs to some relatives in Makassar, sometimes without any prior notice. Yeah that’s my Mom. Well, okay enuff chit chat, cause it’s the time I to bring out my Worn stuff.

Worn Silver Medal

What’s that? It’s a medal. Take a lil bit closer people. Don’t be such a Lazy Gaga. It’s a silver medal I got from a basketball competition (2004) called “Olimpiade UI”, where every faculty in my University compete in this sports event. We got gold medal a year before. But IMHO, the day we got this silver medal was the most breathtaking competition I’ve ever had! So, what’s your “Worn” thing this week? :)

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