Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

Imagine if you’re on a very hot and humid beach a long way from home. You walk and walk barefoot, carrying the heavy travel bag, and the sun shines so brightly till you can’t feel your own body. Suddenly, you see a little stall. You feel like buying cold drinks whatever it costs. But God is good, cuz apparently that stall was selling what you’ve been longing for. COLD DRINKS! And not just mineral water, the guy in the stall was also selling coca cola, pocari sweat and all kind of cold drinks to satisfy your throat! Not to mention you can request some ice cube.

Cheers, Mate!

How refreshing is that? And for your info, it was my true story when I and couple of friends went to Sawarna Beach at Banten, West Java. As I drank the coke, I feel like flying. Not THAT coke, but the coke like in the picture. That holy water was flowing through my mouth, throat, to the top of my head! Oh how I miss travel with no tight schedule. Just me, my friends, beach waves, dragon flies, barefoot on the beach, and of course the coke that rocked.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

    • titiw says:

      Eh ya ampun.. ada penulis blog yang sering kukunjungi menyambangi blog murahan ini.. hahahaha.. Iya cepet aus lagi emang kalo minum coke, tapi kita kan emang selalu haus akan cinta.. *eh apa sih* :D

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