Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

My God. This week’s photo challenge was kinda tricky. You have to define “Old Fashioned” first and search it all over your house and surrounding. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything you can call “Old Fashioned”. There are so many old things in my house, but it’s not really a weekly photo challenge material. Like my mom’s old stove, or even my parent’s wall clock they have from Jusuf Kalla. They’re so not.. Display-able. I happened to search my ol’ Sony Walkman, but I guess I’ve already gave it to someone. So this is the best I can do. A picture of my Mom in her golden age, when she’s still an aerobic teacher.

Old Fashioned enough, eh?

Sorry to interrupt your joyful moment buddies, but My Mom is the one with pink suit. Not the one with Eva Arnaz’s trademark. Enjoy my “old fashioned” picture with all your heart!

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