Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

So, here’s my HOT picture. It’s a full pack of cassava chips which called “Keripik Singkong” in Indonesia, whilst the brand itself named “Seripik Kingkong”. You see? Indonesian can be very creative if it comes to food. And what makes it different than the other cassava chips? Because they pour lots lots lots of chili to these chips. And they have levels! The higher the level, the spicier and hotter the food can be. Can you believe that? Wanna try some of these? Well you probably should go to my beautiful country, Indonesia! :)

Seripik Kingkong

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

    • titiw says:

      Iyaah! Kok tau mbak..? Hahaha.. Nih aku kasih daftar lengkapnya, dari temenku:

      Hareudang (setara lvl 3 maicih, kuning) = 12rb
      Hareeng (setara lvl 5 maicih, biru) = 12rb
      Hariwang (setara 10 maicih, pink) = 12rb
      GOLD EDITION (setara lvl 3 maicih, terbuat dari talas, lbh crunchy) = 17rb

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