Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

  • This picture was taken at my office
  • People in this picture are my office mates.
  • We wore these colorful outfits in order to promote our client’s brand
  • Tho “office” might sounds boring, well.. Maybe we have different perspective dude. Because i love my office, especially my job.
  • Me & these buddies are different in so many ways.
  • And that my friend, makes a colorful life of mine.
  • Thanks for giving me time for coloring my life with so many beautiful color, God.
  • Have a colorful day, guys! :)

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

  1. efahmi says:

    titiw, makasih sudah berbagi inspirasi buat bahan ngeblog lagi. hehe, akhirnya blogku diupdate lagi. insya allah akan rutin posting, at least seminggu sekali hihihi :D

    • titiw says:

      Ahaha.. Alhamdulillah bisa membuka jalan ke arah yang lebih lurus ya masnyah.. Selamat ber wekly photo challenge! :)

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