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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sahabat Walhi

This is actually last week’s photo challenge and I just got time to upload it now. The theme is: Textured. Can you see the texture there? It’s my soft cubicle wall at the office with a Walhi pin on it. FYI, Walhi is an environment NGO from Indonesia. Thanks for your attention, now move to this week’s photo challenge. Go go go!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. seno says:

    Pinnya keren, backgroundnya juga. Yang photo juga :D

    1. titiw says:

      xD makasih beb.. ahiy!

  2. gerandis says:

    aku udah ketinggalan banyak kakaaaaaaaaak :(

    1. titiw says:

      Yah.. sayang amataaaan… Ayo ayo pasti bisa.. aku juga telat2 tapi dirapel semua.. hihihi..

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