Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces & Fall

Despite all my procrastinating habit flowing thru my vein, I can still say that I am persistent for wrapping it all up in this post. HA. So here you go!

1st: FACES
This is a picture of I and a good friend of mine, Andin, in front of.. Ng.. Some football players picture.. (Excuse me. You can not curse me for not remembering the names!). Have you been to Antara Photo Gallery in Passer Baroe, Center of Jakarta? because this one’s taken there. The place is amazing. They have antique chairs, cute mural on the wall, and you can take pictures as much as you want. No lousy signs that forbid us taking pictures, like in the mall or else. Went there last Ramadan when they have an exhibition, remind me to write a detail post about this awesome gallery.

Faces all around me

2nd: FALL
Is she falling? No she’s not. It’s just Abim and her deviant tendency. I took this one when we were on our trip to Bandung, West Java. Hey, looking from those falling leaves around, you can say we hit FALL already. Yippie! Let’s have a dance under the rain, after a long and winding summer, people!


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