Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

This week’s photo challenge is possibility. This theme makes me wonder.. What kind of picture I’m gonna put. This challenge post says:

Whatever your doorway happens to be, travel gives each of us the opportunity to take advantage of possibility. What’s more, looking at the world through a traveler’s eyes gives us the ability to see our surroundings – wherever we are – in a new way, where possibility is everywhere.”

And somewhat, I’m truly agree with that statement. Traveling is making so many possibilities, hopefully the good ones. So here’s my possibility picture, taken from my Sempu journey in October 2010.

Hello, Possibilities. Hopefully I find the good ones. :)

We need the possibility of escape
as surely as we need hope

~ Edward Abbey

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

    • titiw says:

      Eyaaa.. pasti situ dulu anak statistik ya? Haha.. eh baru nyadar seno ama asep yang avatarnya mirip ituh komen bareng di sini.. *jodohin* x)

  1. efahmi says:

    weekly photo challenge kali ini lumayan absurd. sempat bingung mau posting apa untuk ini, bukan karena nggak ada bahan, tapi bingung milih yg mana, haha.

    • titiw says:

      Gyahahaha.. Iya nih si weekly photo challenge ini kadang napsuin anget karena terlalu banyak foto yang mauy kita tampilkan.. hahah..

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