Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting, Celebration, Self Portrait

Yayaya.. Let’s get to the point instead of blaming me for being Le Procrastinate. Bitch, please. Just look at my awesome pictures, will ya?


Looking from the goodies near him, it’s very clear that he’s waiting for a girl. What do you think..?


A very happy bride who just happened to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. :)

Self Portrait

Self portrait of me & someone very important in this Indonesia Postal Museum, Bandung.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting, Celebration, Self Portrait

  1. seno says:

    Hmm yang pertama lagi di garage sale, tunggu kamu :) yang kedua kena banget celebrationnya, jack d sama pakaiannya jelas sekalih. Yang ketiga itu kamu masih inget gak nama bapak yang fotonya ada di belakang kamu? X)) you look beautiful there, dear.

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