Random Thursday Post

Today I feel like laying on comfy couch instead of going to the meeting where everybody eats right in my face. But I have to give a shit. Because if I ain’t struggle for this crap, I ain’t got any single dime and my cats will be suffer to death. To sum up, that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, 2 things that make me go “^-^” are these pictures only:

Asli Apa Palsu pic my friend Farchan made

And this picture:

I got this kinda high score in google doodle

That’s my hectic yet I-have-to-go-thru-with-all-crap day. How’s your day?

8 thoughts on “Random Thursday Post

  1. gerandis says:

    xixixixi tumbenan kak posting beginian, aku, brangkat ngantor karna sayang potongan absennya aja, sama sayang aklo gak sempet blog walking pake internet kantor :P

    • titiw says:

      Eym kaaak.. Aku lagi ngoh banget akhir2 ini.. Bukannya gak suka lagi sama kerjaan. Masih sukaaa banget. Apa karena lagi puasa ya? Jadi jam bobo berantakan dan bikin bad mood..

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