Trips of Wonders: 10 Days With These Wonderful People!

trip of wonders 2017

At the first time I decided to join #TripofWonders, Jakarta – Yogya – Toraja – Bali, I felt that I will have great adventures. But little did I know, that I will meet a bunch of crazy people who ended to be the best travel-mate I could ever wished for.

I’ve been their “mama” for more than a week and these kiddos were simply awesome. This post is dedicated for each of them who left trace in my heart for these past few 10 days and will be there forever.

1. @jovitaayu my odong roommate with YOLO attitude for herself, but manage to lead this trip successfully. I’m gonna misss uuuu so much sleepy head!

2. @alexblock my sweet boy. He was a radio host who lives in Moscow (that explains why he’s such a tweet!) with so much talent. This trip would never have the same fun without him.

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3. @sadak_chap a very talented photographer from Mumbai, India. Contrary to his manly appearance, he has such a sweet sweet heart. Pratik Sudjatmiko (his Javanese name) even cried 3 times when we said goodbye to each other!

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4. @nicanorgarcia just look at his stunning feed. So humble and yet very generous to give us his precious knowledge. See you in Barcelona, good luck for the weeding! PS: He’s pretty shy so I just share his work below :D

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5. @thetravelnova have you ever walked through steep land and steps, without losing any single breath? This woman can. Walking graciously, in long beautiful dress, bring all the stuff in one hand, and still manage to look classy. She’s a travelmate who’s so easy to be with, anytime anywhere. Watch out for her dancing moves cause she’ll get you “vibrated”!

6. @nastasiaspassport from the first time i emailed her, I thought she’s the kind of woman who rarely smiling and very fierce. Turned out, she’s such a lovely lady! She looks fragile, but very powerful inside. She curated a well known account of her in @dametraveler. Now i have another reason to come to NYC!

7. @psychotraveller talk to her and your first impression must be “ooh.. such a shy sweet girl from UK.” NOT. Wait til she meets beer and watching live music in a pub. Don’t dare to mess with this famous youtuber because she’ll tell u “fuck off darling” with that sweet smile of hers.

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8. @janetnewenham Every single thing comes from her mouth would be something useful. As if I want to make a #todayilearn hashtag every time we have a chat about blogs and stuff. Yes you heard it right. She’s one of the best bloggers from Ireland, and I wish to build my blog just like hers. Look at her blog and you’ll know why.

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9. @the_flyaway_girl every single morning I pray that today’s trip will be on time. But she’s always being a pain in the ass every time we have to leave the hotel! :)) But she’s a super super talented portrait photographer and a list fetish who can find the best hastags for your Instagram picture. Love hate relationship with her, but in the end, #lovewins.

10. @yukianggia such a sweet person to talk with. Always fashionable and happy in every situation. She has hawkeye for moments and pose and spot. Look at her pictures, all beautiful, and the clarity of those pics.. ohhhh.. can’t more agree that she’s effortlessly talented!

11. @sarahazka finally I have one legit model friend! She walked in NY fashion week, she’s also a host in a travel program on TV who happened to love making videos. With all of those titles, surprisingly she’s so humble and down to earth. She also doesn’t need alcohol to make herself dancing like crazy.

Last but definitely not least, thank you @mi_nombre_rany @aryasenna @noorhedie, om Aryo, om Andreas, om Alfa, to be such a perfect teammate on this trip. @pernikgaya for always be there to take our pictures, mbak @imacullata.paramita mas from Ministry of Tourism @indtravel who made this #TripofWonders happen.

I’m gonna finish this caption because my eyes are already teary. Damn you onion ninja! Til we meet again on the other side, this is not a goodbye, this is a start of our friendship. #WonderfulIndonesia!!!!!!!

trip of wonders 2017

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