10 Facts About Me (as a Blogger slash Mom slash Woman)

10 Facts About Titiw (2)

Several weeks ago, I got tagged on Instagram by my partner in Trip of Wonders, @jovitaayu, in a baton post called #10factsaboutme. I think I’ve made one like this yearssss ago, but hey. Tak kenal maka tak sayang kan? So here you go, 10 facts about me!

1. My real name is Rahmayanti Akmar. My nick name “Titiw” made by a basketball friend of mine in highschool who found it very hard everytime she wanted to pass the ball because “Titi!” was not catchy enough to get my attention.

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2. My husband is my 7th boyfriend. Contrary to his appearance, well, he’s younger than me. LOLLLL!

3. Look at the picture above. It’s my signature style every time I go traveling to the beach. I call it Meroda. I’m a pretty flexible kid back then, and been doing this cartwheeling on the beach since.. 12-13 years ago, maybe (according to recorded video & pics).

4. My job and hobby is totally a different thing. I’m an Account Manager for a parenting website by day, and travel blogging for a hobby. Did I told you that I’ve been blogging since Friendster era? And started to made my own blog titiw.com 11 years ago!

5. I have a cute lil boy named Sherpa. He was born in 11 Jan 2016 like a song by Gigi. The meaning of his name Rayn Sherpa Mahesar is: A guidance to heaven’s gate from the almighty.

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6. People often thought that I’m younger than my real age. But i’m an old soul by heart. I listen to a lot of Jazz, #AllThatJazz, and oldies songs. My friends always bet that i’m gonna win if I join a quiz like Berpacu Dalam Melodi.

7. Buon giorno! I can speak and understand a bit of Italy language, since I had a course for 2-3 months.

8. I have a phobia with dogs. A real and serious one. It’s not that I hate them. It’s just, i had a trauma when I was a kid: A black chihuahua chased me with no mercy, i fell so hard til I got scar on my thigh. And the scar stays till now.

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9. If you smell minyak telon out of me, no it’s not my son’s smell. It’s mine. I use minyak telon after taking a bath, every single day.

10. In sport department, well people say that I’m quite good at playing basketball, but I give all my heart to badminton. IN-DO-NE-SIAAA!

So from 10 facts above, how many facts you already know? If it’s more that 5, then we’re totally a good friend. So good that it creeps me out. :)) Do you have facts about you that people rarely know? Share it on your blog post and tag or make a comment below. I’d be very glad to share. For the rest of you, thank you for reading all these pepesan kosongย til finish. You rock!

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