Pregnancy Announcement: Sherpa Is Going To Be a Big Brother!

Second pregnancy

Heyho, folks! How do you feel today? I feel pretty. Pretty pregnant to be exact. Yes, I’m happy to announce that  Mahe and I have a bun in the oven. Insha Allah will pop in October 2018. I already share my pregnancy announcement in social media, but it doesn’t really count if I don’t share it on this blog as well, rite? LOL!

How did I find out? 

In February, a group of mine called Buibuksocmed were having pregnancy topic. At that time, there were two moms who are pregnant. Some of buibuk made funny jokes that one shouldn’t be taking pictures beside the preggo moms because you can be infected. Even one of them made a triangle of preggo moms that made us laugh.

Suddenly, a thought popped on my mind. When was the last time I got my period? WHEN? I always relate my period to TV series I watched at that time. It’s in early Jan, when I decided to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S from the scratch, for the 243 times. It’s January 6th. (Yes, my brain is more accurate than any other Period apps, FYI.) And it’s almost the end of Feb. OH MY GOD. Janice, can you help me here to emphasize that? OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOOOD! (thank you, Janice)

And yeaaah, you know the rest. Trying pregnancy test, twice. Went to doctor. And all. YES, YOU ARE PREGNANT! CONGRATULATIONS!

Titiw Second Pregnancy (1)

How are you feeling?

To be honest, it’s a liiiiiitlee bit harder that the previous one. I vomit like 5 times a day, I feel my body is very heavy and easily exhausted. Not to mention that your husband is not as attentive than my first pregnancy *sobbing*. But let’s hang on, woman. HANG OOON!

Are you due soon?

No, am not about to give a birth yet. Okaaaayyy, my bump is wayyy bigger than the other preggo moms in their 4 months of pregnancy. But it’s started different with my 1st son. (Excuse.. Excuse everywhereee). How about the gender of this lil peanut? Welllll, it’s going to be..*drum roll*


Some people feel pity for me because they thought that if the second baby is a girl, then it would be perfect. Hmmm, please elaborate the definition of perfect. :)) In my opinion, as long as the baby’s healthy, we’re happy and grateful.

And yesterday, we just held “4 bulanan”, a lil ceremony or pengajian to pray all good wishes to this unborn baby. We had Coto Makassar made by my Dad, Ayam Hura-Hura Manado made by my Aunt, and Rujak that made by my mother-in-law.

Titiw Second Pregnancy (3)
Excuse my no-makeup face. What d’u expect? My baby is a boy! :))
Titiw Second Pregnancy (3)

So pardon me for the upcoming 5 months, for I will have a pregnancy brain and hormones (sometimes it’s very annoying!). Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers friends and family, rock on!

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcement: Sherpa Is Going To Be a Big Brother!

  1. Bieb says:

    Gpp mba…Klo aku kebalikannya .Dua2nya cewek.
    Berarti dirimu nantinya akan menjadi yang paling tercantik di rumah. hehehe.

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