Dan In Real Life (2007)

dan in real life
Instead of asking our young people  “What are your plans? What do you plan to do with your life?”, maybe we should tell them this: “Plan to be surprised”!

Meet Dan (Steve Carrel). A columnist in a local newspaper and a widower with 3 teeenage daughters all at once. He seems to be so concern about his daughter’s life (of course, whose daddy’s not?) and give strict rules for them, especially about guys. One day, Dan and his girls took a vacation to Rhode Island for a family gathering in Dan’s parent’s house. On the first day of the holiday, Dan’s Mom told him to go for a while to have a fresher air for his brain to overcome his relationship with his daughters. And there he goes, to a bookstore nearby.

At the bookstore, he met a very attractive woman named Marie (Juliette Binoche). They talked and talked and felt a connection for each other. Unfortunately, the girl was in a rush and she said that she ‘s already had a relationship with a guy. A new one. But before she go, she let Dan makes a note of her phone number.

As he got back to his parent’s house, Dan told his family that he just met a woman. They cheered up for him, when suddenly his brother, Mitch, surprisingly introduced Marie as his girl friend. Yep, the same Marie at the book store. She’s going to be with the entire family for that weekend.

Dan was a little bit shocked, but kept their meeting at the book store as a secret. But things seemed so hard for Dan, as he blabbed around and puzzled his family about his awkward attitude. So, will Dan after Marie, or let his brother happily ever after with her? And how’s her relationship with the girls slash his daughters? Will it be nicer or worst?

Tiw’s opinion: I happened to open my DVD case when I saw this movie. Dan In Real Life? I bought it almost a year ago and I haven’t watched it at all! Apparently, it’s my kind of movie! YAY! Drama, but not so drama, nice to be watched with your family, tho.

I love the scenes, especially when all of the family member do the talent show. Aw.. Such a family they have there.. And the house! I love the house! A house in a sub-urb with a touch of wood interior and a smell of pines! (like I can smell it). And ooh ooh! Not to mention it’s awesome soundtrack by Sondre Lerche! And last, this is my favorite quote on this film:

El amor no es un sentimiento. Es una habilidad.
Love is not a felling. It’s an ability.
Happy watching!

22 thoughts on “Dan In Real Life (2007)”

  1. kak…boleh lah dvd-dvd yg udah kelar ditonton dikirim sejenak ke aya, di papua susah cari dvd bajakan yg update!!! hihihi

    1. Ahahahha.. kesyian juga ya desye.. giliran dapet bajakan dvd, jangan2 di papua harganya sama ama yg original..? Heheh..

  2. iya, gw juga suka film ini. padahal sebenernya this movie is so simple. temanya simpel, konfliknya simpel, karakter2nya juga common bgt tapi entah knapa ngena aja gtu.. haha..

  3. ahahhahaa…
    saya jg suka film ini!!!

    ba de ya, say do you remember…
    ba de ya, dancing in september… :)

      1. hahahhaa.. iya, lucu disitu tuh. :)
        eniwe, sudah nonton The Bucket List blom mbak titiw? bagus banget lho.

        1. Udah punya tuh di rumah, tapi karena subtitlesnya masih kurang bagus rada males.. hehe.. padahal yang main morgan freeman aktor kesukaan.. hoho..

  4. ih, si mbak mah ga normal..
    wanita2 lain mah kesukaannya robert pattinson, brad pitt, atau johny depp.. eh dia malah morga freeman. *huahahaa.. :P

    bagus lho mbak, suer. :) ngerental ajah klo bajakannya jelek.

    1. Jyahahaha.. aku jadi malu.. Ngerental..? Aduuh.. pe er banget! Kamu aja deh yang kirim felemnya yg udah oke ke akuh! Haha, bijimana..? ;)

      1. wah, saya berkenan sekali mbak!!
        kirim alamat via pm ya mbak. nanti saya kirim no.rekening saya..*bwahhahaaha…

    1. Yah.. pas rikues pake permisi gak..? kalo nggak biasanya aku ignore.. :p Maaf ya.. add lagi pake kata sambutan doong.. :D

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