Pulau Padar – Objek Wisata Paling Hits di Flores

Pulau Padar Titiw

Pulau Padar. Pernahkah kamu melihat seseorang dengan background air laut biru dipisahkan bebukitan dan rumput kecoklatan? Itulah Pulau Padar yang merupakan objek wisata paling hitsa dan paling instagrammable di Flores!

Trips of Wonders: 10 Days With These Wonderful People!

trip of wonders 2017

At the first time I decided to join Trip of Wonders, Jakarta – Yogya – Toraja – Bali, I felt that I will have great adventures. But little did I know, that I will meet a bunch of crazy people who ended to be the best travel-mate I could ever wished for!