Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Oh.. My.. Lord.. Of.. The.. Ring! It’s been ages since I wrote my latest weekly photo challenge. A year? A year and several months? Anywaaays.. I happened to open my Feedly this morning and just realized that I had only 1 blogpost this March. For such a twit like me, it’s oh-so-once in a blue moon, rite? So I decided to start this challenge to fillin’ the blank and help my so-called-block-writer (Yeah, go on make a lot of excuses, you super procrastinator!)

So here’s my first weekly photo challenge in 2013 with a theme: LUNCHTIME.

I had a big lunch couple of days ago in Midori Sushi, Pasar Mayestik, Jakarta. I ate like pig at that time, and as wise man said that you have to save the best for last, so I saved this Inari Kani Salad for my last chomp. Fresh, yummy, melt in your mouth. You should try this menu if you happen to go to this place sometime. Recommended. So what do you have in your lunchtime? Happy eating! :)

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