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Who doesn’t use Instagram these days?  This social networking applications that created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for photo and video sharing is now widely used by Indonesian internet users. By “users”, who are they to be precise? Well.. Those who like to take selfie pictures, their sleeping pets, the photographs of beautiful food, feet, a piece of hand, until a road trip pictures and all that can be associated to traveling. Since I’m an active Instagramer (yeah, find me HERE), I would love to share my favorite travel-related-Instagramers. Let’s start with..

1. @elenakalis
White sandy beach.. Blue sea.. Beautiful model who moves gracefully in the deep of clear water.. Those are the images of Instagram photos from this Russian woman who resides in Bahama, Elena Kalis. Different from other traveling photographers, almost all Elena’s pics are a beautiful underwater photos that give us a dreamy sensation. How can we not be so delirious if we see these pictures? :’)


2. @ourwildabandon
Two girls. Born free. Born to run. Their pictures are not that beautiful, nor the ones with breathtaking landscapes. But seeing their pics, I can glimpse a touch of freedom. A glance of a happy-go-lucky attitude. Because when women unite, they can rule the world. Btw, these girls remind me of @Indohoy from Indonesia.


3. @natgeo
Natgeo stands for National Geographic. Should I give you further information about this awe-fuckin-some piece of Instagram account? From a rescued orang utan in Borneo to plenty of playful dolphins in California, they are feast for your eyes. They also make you smarter by their full of information caption.


4. @_bimo_
It’s such a coincidence that I found this Intagrammer. So I was looking for #NX300 hashtag (because I use that machine) and eventually met him. Of course virtually. I scrolled his pictures and I was in awe. He is good. And he’s taking the pics by the same camera that I have, but he’s got different results. His photos are much more.. What do you call it.. GRAND. It’s not fair.  It’s. Just. Not. Fair.

how to train your dragon

5. @garypeppergirl
Actually, she’s a fashion blogger in Australia. But she has this talented boyfriend as her personal photographer, and they are often go abroad to make a leisure trip or doing a business activity. And they surely don’t waste their time for snuggling only. They took a real beautiful shot in Paris, in Hongkong, and in Australia, their homeland. Not to mention her taste in fashion. Arrgh. I’m so envious with this girl who has a real name: Nicole.


6. @muradosmann
Some of you may have already known the man who popularized #followmeto hashtag. Together with her girlfriend @yourleo, this Russian guy create a series of “Follow Me” pictures, a hand in hand pic that shows the back of his girlfriend guide him around the world. Little did I know that he’s assisted by some of friends or local people to make his pictures perfect. And he happened to have fun in Bali as well for this series! I bet he’s not a stranger in Moscow anymore for the work he’s done.

follow me to Bali

7. @jewelszee
She’s a mom with lovely daughter, and she loves to give a story from her pictures. Although most of em are the sea and the sun and the skies near her house in Australia, I can still feel the warmth, the beauty, and the joy of her photos as though it’s taken from a far far away.

splash of hope

8. @mirles
Mira Lesmana. We Indonesians probably know her as a movie producer, rite? Surprisingly, she has hawk eyes for her surroundings. Shooting in many exotic places in Indonesia gives her opportunities to explore this beautiful country even further, in a positive ways.


Those are my favorite Intagramers, and I’m craving to follow some more. Who are yours? Please share if you care! :D

PS: All pictures are taken from their own Instagram

13 thoughts on “8 Instagramers Travelers Should Follow”

  1. wih, tumben kak, endesway endesweyy! :D
    Btw, mirles emang IG-nya selalu tsakep! Aku juga suka IG-nya Mbak Chitra Subiyakto, walopun rada jarang dia posting. Akunnya @chitras ^.^

    1. Nyahaha iya nih udah lama gak ngenggris. Nah aku juga suka tuh @chitras tapi dia bukan instagramer aktif. Jadinya males masukin. Hihi. Eh ourwildabandon yg nomer 2 mengingatkan aku pd indohoy! :D

      1. hihihi.. iyaaaa aku supris juga indohoy kecipratan disebut di sini :”> Mau lihat aaaahh akun merekaaa

  2. kak kalau di Indonesia ada @danartriatmojo
    btw aku suka intipin Elena Kalis lewat IGnya putri..cemana yak bisa begitu..

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