Jak Jazz 2008

Lawrence of Arabia the movie Actually.. I’ve never had an experience to go to this annual jazz event which organized by Ireng Maulana. The annually jazz event I’ve ever attend is Java Jazz, so it’s kinda my premiere moment I think *wink wink*. The reason I came here? Cuz I got a free pass from a friend of mine! YAY! Jak Jazz was held in Istora Senayan, and the performers played inside and the outside so that my shoes was becek all over it’s body (li’l bit rainy that day..).

The Good Thief movies

By the time I arrived, Daniel Sahuleka was preparing the stage. You know what? I had this thought, since when does Daniel Sahuleka became a jazz singer? Hihihi.. Anyway, he did a nice performance, but sadly the audience was kinda bored because he sang all the hits in the end of the show.

Far Far Away

After 1 hour spending my time & sang along with the audience in some of Daniel Sahuleka’s song, I went downstairs. Took some silly pictures in some booths of course..

WWF Booth

Titi sapa nih? Titi Siuman?

I didn’t have a chance to watch the whole show because tomorrow morning I had to go to Onrust Island. So the last performance I saw is Andre Hehanusa. Yes, the jadul singer of Bidadari, KKEB, Kuta Bali.. Surprisingly, he was so entertaining!! Everybody in the room was singing along, and when Andre played “Karena Kutahu Engkau Begitu”, he said “Ok, confirmed ya, kalau semua laki2 itu.. SETIA”. Aahaha.. Bravo Jak Jazz, A Whole Lotta Jazz!!

Wuthering Heights ipod

Met my friend Nike (yg bukan Ardila) inside Amigos

Andre Hehanusa, cousin of Barack Obama (hee..)

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