Story Of My Wife

Story of my wife

You heard (ok, read) the title right. So a couple weeks ago my thoughtful husband wrote a long and sweet article about me out of the blue. Once in a blue moon. Even Bang Toyib pulang kampung is more often than this phenomena. That’s why I’m so thrilled about it and dedicated this post for his writing. Scroll the page, boy! :’)


Well, it’s actually more a testimonial than a story, since in this post, I am describing my wife through her spelling name (sounds familiar with this thing?). If yes, then you must used to have a diary or at least, ever written some craps in your friends’ diary.

R-A-H-M-A-Y-A-N-T-I-A-K-M-A-R. Thus, there are R-A-H-M-Y-N-T-I-K contained in her full name. Let’s see what she got!

R for Rigid.

She’s very rigid or you may want to say in a more positive context, ‘discipline’. Not in every single thing, of course but in term of health and hygiene.

In daily basis (prior sleeping), she pushes me to always do facial cleaning, tooth brushing, and hand and foot washing. Although, she never told me to take a night bath (strange).

Even if I got home after having a long day working, she wouldn’t tolerate me to directly go to just sleep!

A for Agile.

No need to tell you by words on this. She has moved wheeling on every beach that she already visited. It’s always great when a beautiful girl can do some physical movement/activity.

H for Humble

No, it’s not just another general or standard adjective that you can tell about a personality of a person. She actually has every penny to buy some expensive branded shoes or may be even car (could tell you that since I know her bank account amount *hahaha*). Otherwise, she often (if I can’t say always) takes a public transportation from home to her office. And I tell you what, she was my one and only girlfriend who had no problem riding my old motorcycle everywhere (never try taking her to a wedding by it though, should I? hehe).

M for Mature

As opposite as her look, she is a grown up woman inside. She is not a type of woman who does not keep-a-good-image or in letter-lux translation to Indonesian slang, jaim/jaga image, but her thought, principle, and act always make her a mature girl. In relation with her humbleness for instance, she would spend most of her bank account on a small tiny but well-designed and homey house than spent on a brand new car (for I always dream about it; re: changing car).

Y for Yes

Don’t want to be sexist, but somehow as a man, I like more a woman who most of the time (if the word ‘always’ is impossible) fulfills what her man wants. Or in other words, say ‘Yes’ for almost every single thing that I wish for. Of course, you can’t expect something that beyond her reach or ability, but when I came to ask to do or to give something simple, she would say yes.

Something daily like, what movie to watch, what food to eat, what event to attend, to something that a normal girl would think twice to accept like, attending a football match in a stadium full of noisy boys, wearing an oversize-my-favorite-football-club jersey, or overnight at a mosque during Ramadhan. I feel loved when my woman say “Yes” to my request.

N for Nocturnal

Not really means that she’s only active in the night, though, but indeed she always stays up late. Her biological time is similar to an owl. Wake up at around 10 am, and sleep at averagely 2 am. However, sometimes she cooks me simple breakfast since I usually go to the office at 7.30 in the morning. This biological time set up because of her job as a social media consultant which demands her to be on a standby mode at anytime. Gadget is her best friend, but still, I am her only husband and nothing can replace me ;)

T for Tasteful

There are lots of beautiful girls in Indonesia or rich girls who can buy anything branded and fancy to simply looks good. My wife is beyond that! Her pure Indonesian face of beauty with average height and ideal weight covered with soft brown skin are more than enough in making my eyes pleased and be proud. Such gifted gorgeousness is completed with classy tastes. She is already beautiful without having to put a bold make up.

She already looks cool without having to wear an expensive clothes. For her, it is not about how much the price or how significant the brand is to judge something is sufficiently good. As the comparison, when I can’t tell which product is better, I just choose the more expensive one. To me, that’s silly but makes sense. By having a fine taste, she could look great even by wearing some cheap apparel or make our bedroom nicely comfortable by arranging some stuffs having reasonable prices. At the end of the day, just like some say, money indeed can’t buy taste.

I for Istri and Ibu

This alphabetic reference of my wife means a lot to me. She has been being my Istri (wife) since 23 March 2014, as when my life changed so much in a positive way. She’s a very faithful wife by which, if I ever asked to only choose one thing came from a wife I would gladly request for a faithful/loyal one. My happiness will also be even more happier since she is currently 5,5 months pregnant and will be the Ibu (mother) of my child. Oh, did I mention that it would be a boy?

K for Kind

I know, I know. It seems that as the last alphabet, I might already be losing focus and creativity in choosing a sophisticated adjective. However, one of our closest friends once said that if you could be anything, be kind. While it is a general word describing generosity, I could not agree more with him. It means that you can be good in every single way possible. Of course, if my wife was not a kind person, I would have not been married to her.

Yours faithfully,


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  1. kok aku tersenyum bahagia membaca ini yah neng…

    ahhh bener banget semua yang dibilang kangmas kamu ini, happy2 ya kalian berdua :)

  2. ehciyeeeehhhh…. baca ini jadi makin yakin that you truly are a verrrrrry wonderful person :) glad to ‘know’ you titiw….

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